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07:59pm 01/08/2005
  Does anyone have the new cd that they can send me via AIM, yousendit.com, or e-mail? i would also like the old cd since i dont have it at my moms house (where i primarily live).

thanks a ton guys
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07:55pm 29/05/2005
  I bought there cd "give me a reason" today, and they quickly became one of my favorite bands!!! please come to st. pete!!

and does anyone know any bands (kinda) like the return?
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a message from derek. read up bitches. 
01:40pm 17/03/2005
mood: mischievous
This Saturday is our CD Release party, but we've been informed that our records will not be delivered until march 29th. SOOOOOOOOO, we will still play this saturday but it WILL NOT be a CD release party. we will still rock out. we will still have new merch(no cDs). we still want you all to come. and so with that...

WE WILL HAVE OUR CD RELEASE @ THE UNDERGROUND on APRIL 1st (and, no this isn't just a bad april fool's day joke) we will have many, many copies of DDSS for sale. we will be playing with THE F.M.'s and some special guests.

please don't ask what happenend because it's all business bullshit and WE ARE VERY SORRY but remember we are doing this all ourselves, with our own money and on our own time after school and work. we love playing music and will continue to do so, even with these snags. i get so frustrated sometimes because it seems that we will never get a break, but in the end, we don't worry because of our fans and our love for all types of music. please continue to support us and we will continue to play. for those of you who pre-ordered CD's, again it will be a few days before you'll receive them. for those of you coming from out-of-town to see the show, we deeply apologize for any inconveniance. this is the life we chose and i fucking love it.

11:18pm 03/02/2005
mood: naughty
The Return will be playing Saturday [2/5]
@ the American Legion Hall in Ventura.

go support my boys!
they will be playing songs off their new album:

go check them out... you wont be dissapointed.
i promise.

see you all there... hopefully.

in a darkened room I fall apart 
03:24pm 29/01/2005
mood: awake
I've heard Danger Danger Silent Stranger and I've had a CD of all the tracks (albeit unfinished mixes) for a few weeks now. All I can say is that this album will blow your mind.
I've been an avid Return fan for a couple of years now and even I couldnt have predicted QUITE how good DDSS is. I knew it was going to be amazing, but this might even better Build Me A Reason, which as you all know is a tall order.
After hearing these mixes, Justin told me and my friend Calvin that they are NOTHING in comparison to the completed version. Matt apparently just "got lit" and merged the whole product together with electronic trickery and genius additional touches to make the album less like a collection of songs and more like one, flowing masterpiece. He said that the completed version makes the version I've got sound "terrible." I fear that the day I hear the completed version, my mind will just shut down and I will die of joy.

Adam xx (UK)
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Just in case you did not already know. 
03:52am 22/01/2005
  Saturday, January 22nd - 7pm - $5

THE CPS FAREWELL SHOW featuring The Return, Franklin for Short, Monroe, Pat Salisbury Band, Holy Diver

1050 E. Thompson #D (Enter on Front St.) 805.641.3500
i'm leavin, she's fallin... 
09:22pm 02/12/2004
mood: cheerful
for the few of you who dont know:

the return will be playing at the Livery Theatre
on december 12th.

be there...or be shot in the face.

oh, then u say that its so far away now 
06:35pm 17/11/2004
mood: happy
wow, i do love me some return...but i digress...i just wanted to see if anyone is going to the show on december 12? anyone? anyone? my friend christina and i are going. ioh and also did any of you go to the sexual jedi show i think in summer at that one coffee shop on day road by foothill high school? my friend amebr and i went, 1st time seeing sexual jedi for both of us, and we were both blown away by how good derek is at guitar. we knew that he was good but we didnt know how good. so my other question is what did you all think of that show? um yeah thats it, just tryin to get this group active.
<3 sydney
my space 
11:15pm 10/11/2004
  Just to let all the fans know, Missing Words now has a page on my space. And there is a new track by the Return to hear. You can listen to 'Dirty Bird' (my personal favorite) at http://groups.myspace.com/missingwords . Please let us know what you think and tell everyone you know about it. Enjoy.  
new songs 
12:10pm 29/10/2004
  go listen to a few new songs the guys posted up on myspace, their link is: www.myspace.com/itsthereturn  
02:19pm 24/10/2004
  GO LISTEN Check out the news and the links to listen to some new material.  
Even Andrew is on MySpace now...... 
02:48pm 07/10/2004
mood: EEP!
IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE THIS-SLAP YOURSELF ON THE HAND AND DO IT NOW!!!!!! And tell all your friends to do it too. Just don't tell them to jump off of the bridge, unless you really want them to.

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04:51pm 05/10/2004
The Shape 
09:46pm 24/08/2004
mood: whistful
Just letting everyone know that The Shape are in town. They are playing shows at the Loft on the 25th. A show on Sunday at the Livery with No Motiv, they play second. And if anyone can make it they are playing the Glasshouse on Monday with No Motiv again. Shows start around 7. Please come out and support these guys. They work their asses of. Thanks.
05:17pm 16/06/2004
mood: i feel clean
hi everyone. this be Derek. thanks for posting stuff in this here thingy. keep it up. if anything comes up, i will post it. if you have any questions, just ask. bye bye
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A Favour 
03:02pm 13/06/2004
mood: hungry
I was wondering if anyone has any kind of recording of the live session that The Return did for KUCI a few days ago. Any format is fine be it mp3 or even a tape or something.
Thanks a lot
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01:49pm 10/06/2004
mood: In the mood to BUY MERCH!
SATURDAY, June 12th

If you live in the OC area, tune in KUCI 88.9 FM from 2-4pm to listen to The Return play a LIVE SET featuring songs off their upcoming album DANGER DANGER SILENT STRANGER as well as songs from BUILD ME A REASON. If you cannot tune in, stream it through the station's website, www.kuci.org on that day.

SUNDAY, June 13th

Still monkeying around in the OC, The Return plays with The Indecisives, Stalking Roxy and Caffeinated Superheroes at THE ATTIC which is right next door to The Chain Reaction in Anaheim. Show starts at 8pm, ALL AGES, and best of all, it's free. So there's no reason to NOT be there. Unless you don't have a car. Then you better start walking now.

MONDAY, June 14th

Not so much the OC, but closer there than to their homes in Ventura, The Return plays again with The Indecisives and Hiccup Truck at this place Caltech, Dabney House 1200 E California Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91126. Click the address for the Yahoo! map. Show starts at 7pm(?) according to The Indecisives, and 8pm according to the guestbook entry Justin left on their website. So bring a tent, or even just your sleeping bag, and after their show at The Attic, hitch a ride out to Pasadena and sleep on the front step and wait anxiously for them.

So that's the weekend as of this fine Thursday afternoon. Who knows what could happen though. Their van might run out of gas and not make it out to Orange County and well, shit happens. When you're at the show, buy lots of MERCH and rock out hard. Did I mention to buy LOTS OF MERCH since the shows are FREE?!?!? Oh, and check out their merch and buy some.

Bring all the people that you know and tell them you've got their cover charge! HA HA You've got their cover if they bring moolah for merch. MERCH MERCH MERCH.

Watch, the boys will forget their merch bin.
show dates? 
09:53am 10/06/2004
mood: curious
anyone know when the next show is and where?! :) Thank ya kindly!
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The Return is on MySpace! 
01:13pm 03/06/2004
  If you are an avid MySpacer, click HERE to stay updated and listen to their rocking music! GO NOW  
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BREAKING NEWS! just joking. 
03:43pm 26/05/2004
  From their HTML website:

hi everyone. here to say thanks to everyone at UCSB's extravaganza for there generous treatment. we had a wonderful time and we hope to do it again! we are currently putting together a summer tour as well as writing new songs for a possible album. here is our tentative title and some songs, which are in no particular order:

noise black cat
life without breathing the dirty bird
the art is dead we make the earth tremble
dangerous creatures demons
halloween everynight this panda has claws
the situation substance
the life you live (and will never know)

not much more to say. keep checking up on the site and dont forget to sign the guestbook.
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